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What do an increasingly large number of savvy physiotherapists have in common with heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua, ex-Special Forces soldiers, cyclists, skiers, climbers, footballers, rugby players, golfers, tennis pros, MMA fighters, and athletes who will be competing in the 2020 Olympics?

The answer: they all use RECOVAPRO (www.recovapro.co.uk) to train harder and recover faster.


Until RECOVAPRO, hyper-fast exercise recovery has been the domain of elite sports people, creating an insurmountable gap between novices and professionals. Well, no more. Now you, your clients and patients can also RECOVER LIKE A PRO™ with the world’s most advanced body massaging device.


Hamstrings, Quads, It Bands, Knees, Ankles, Bad Back, Plantar Fasciitis, Sciatica, Shin Splints, and more, all benefit from the use of RECOVAPRO.