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Why we exist  

Professional rugby player Joe Gray was on the cusp of the greatest moment of his career. He was in discussions with the England rugby squad to represent his country for the first time at the 2012 Autumn Internationals. The phone call came to say he was involved and six days later he tore the muscles in his stomach from excessive training and not taking the time to recover. The injury prevented him from achieving his dream.

He was determined to do everything he could to overcome this injury and avoid incurring any preventable injuries again. He spent months researching recovery and injury prevention techniques and tools, he invested in recovery, making it a part of his daily routine. He went on to get his first England cap against New Zealand at Eden Park in 2014 and is currently playing his 13th professional rugby season at Saracens.

His wife Lottie is a keen amateur athlete, playing hockey, running marathons and weight training. She was suffering from knee and shoulder pain that she couldn’t seem to shake. Under Joe’s guidance, she overcame the pain with a combination of the right nutrition and access to the right recovery tools.

After years of seeing the benefits of recovery and being frustrated by the high cost of the best products. They developed the idea of an online destination where anyone who is passionate about sport could access the best in sports recovery, whatever their goal. We pride ourselves in providing the latest cutting-edge products at an exceptional value to make this a reality. Together they launched MyoMaster, now used by some of the UK’s most successful athletes and thousands of weekend warriors.

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What we do

At MyoMaster, our aim is to support the recovery of athletes everywhere – making the best in sports recovery available to everyone, whatever their goal. We are proud to provide the latest cutting edge recovery products at exceptional value to make this a reality.

We work with only the best suppliers and with a team of advisors that include a number of professional athletes and leading physiotherapists, coaches and strength & conditioners.

We specialise in all aspects of sports recovery from the latest tools to compression clothing to support you as you strive to achieve your goals.

For us it’s about more than just the products, we want to arm you with all the knowledge you need to recover efficiently, prevent injury and train to the limit. Check out our video tutorials for advice and routines to support your recovery.

What we stand for 

High quality products: All of our products are produced to the highest standard and come with a 12 month warranty.

At affordable prices: Part of our driving force for launching this business was the astronomical price of some of the cutting-edge recovery tools and products on the market. Our products are the most competitively priced on the market and don’t compromise on quality.

Supported by experts: We are advised by some of the world’s leading physiotherapists and sport scientists. We also spend a lot of time with athletes at the top of their game developing our products so we are sure they have desired impact. 

A knowledgable community: We want to do more than just provide products, we want to create a worldwide community that can share the very best in recovery techniques. Come join us.

Giving a little something back: We donate a % of our profits to the RPA who support injured athletes through their recovery.