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HPLT provide a portfolio of High Powered Lasers ranging from 3-15 watt, with a wave length of 810Nm, scientifically proven to be the gold standard. We are a market leader in providing quality solutions to fit all budgets, giving physiotherapists an opportunity to widen their treatment offer and generate a new revenue stream. All lasers are supported by CE certification, training, support.

HPLT stimulates the ability for the body to repair itself. Laser light activates the body’s cells to create increased energy levels, which in turn reduces pain and speeds up the recovery process. There are a broad range of sickness and medical issues that can be improved or solved with this form of treatment (see research – link). For example, arthrosis, gum infection and Cat flu. But also with acute accidents and wounds, bone fractures and breaks HPLT can be applied in combination with other treatment to stimulate and speed up the recovery process. https://hplt.org/research/