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The NHS is under significant pressure from central and devolved governments to improve efficiency and productivity, empower patients to shape their own healthcare and to improve health outcomes.

BPMpathway is a cost-effective remote patient assessment platform that supports orthopaedic patients through their preparation for surgery, during the acute hospital phase and crucially supports them throughout their rehabilitation, whilst at the same time providing clinicians with the data needed to assess their on-going recovery progress.

BPMpathway has the potential to deliver massive benefits for NHS trusts, clinicians and patients through:

  • Early supported patient discharge
  • Efficiently-targeted post-surgical care
  • Decreased readmission rates
  • Enhanced patient recovery programmes
  • Improved patient motivation and engagement
  • Cost-effective deployment

No other remote patient assessment platform has the same credentials as BPMpathway . BPMpathway uses patented, award-winning BPMpro CE Class 1 Medical Device technology, engineered to ISO 13485:2016, tested to EN 60601-1 standards and piloted in the NHS since 2016.

Telephone 07970848435 or 01264 861375