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Amy Howells

Amy Howells at PTUK 2019

The call for abstracts has closed and all submitters have now been contacted with the results.

If you have any queries, please contact physiotherapyuk@csp.org.uk


Q. What is the link to the abstract submission website?

A. https://physiotherapyuk2020.abstractserver.com/abstracts/#/

Q. I have forgotten my username or password for the abstract submission system. How can I retrieve this?

A. Username: This is your email address. Password: When you are asked to enter your password, you will find the option RESET PASSWORD in the same window. Please click this and follow the instructions.

Q. How can I view my submitted abstract or get a copy?

A. You will find a little magnifying glass icon button labelled PREVIEW in the list of abstracts. The text can be copied or ask for a copy from physiotherapyuk2020@abstractserver.com  

Q. Can I update the abstract prior to the conference?  

A. As the abstract has been accepted based on its content during peer review, it is not possible to amend or add to the content as this would invalidate it. However, if your abstract has been selected for a rapid 5 or platform session, you could add the information to a slide under the proviso that it is clarified that this is new data. 

If you have any other queries, please see our FAQs page.


If you would like to view last year's abstracts, you can do so via: 

CSP's  Innovations database 


Elsevier Physiotherapy Journal supplement 



Please note you will need to be a subscriber or purchase a one-time access.