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Physiotherapy UK 2021 will be a virtual event, using a cutting-edge, avatar-based platform to recreate the energy of a live, in-person event. 

Please find below support guides that you can download to your own device as well as answers to commonly asked questions. 

If you have any other questions please email us

1        Getting started

1.1       How do I access the vPUK21 conference? 

To access the vPUK21 conference you need to book your place. Your confirmation email will include a link to download an app through which you will be able to enter the virtual campus.

If you are downloading onto a work laptop, please speak with your IT helpdesk as often firewalls can prevent the platform from downloading. If you continue to have problems with downloading you can email us and we can work together to find a solution. 

This app is only available on a desktop/laptop computer and is currently not compatible with Chromebooks, Linux based computers, tablets or mobile phones. For further information, see 3.4 below.

1.2       How much does a ticket cost?

£129 for CSP chartered members, £49 for CSP students/associates/retired/non-working members and £219 for non-members. 

Early bird (£99) ended for CSP chartered members on 31st July 2021. 

1.3       When does booking open?

Booking is now open.

1.4       Can I book on the day?

We recommend to book in advance, due to the requirement for software to be downloaded and learning how to use the platform including your avatar. It may be possible to book on the day if we have not already sold out. 

1.5       Can I buy a one-day ticket?

No. As it is a virtual event, we cannot monitor access on individual days. Tickets available are for two days only: £129 two-day ticket is available for full members, £49 for students/associate/unwaged/retired and £219 for non-members.

1.6       I am presenting an abstract. What ticket should I buy?

If you are presenting an abstract as a poster, rapid 5 or platform presentation, you will need to book a regular delegate ticket type below: 

  • CSP chartered member
  • CSP student/ retired/ associate/ non-working member 
  • Non-member

Exhibitor and guest tickets are for authorised use only and not for the use of the session Chairs and presenters or poster authors. 

1.7      Can we make a group booking? 

Please email us the following information:

  • Quantity and ticket type (CSP member, student etc) you wish to book. 
  • Postal address and contact phone number of your finance department.
  • Purchase order number. 

If can email you a pro-forma invoice if required. Once you send us back a purchase order, we will email you a 100% discount code so individuals can book their places on the booking page. 

Our Finance team will send you an invoice for the full amount of all tickets.

Kindly note that  purchase order numbers / paid invoices will need to be submitted by 22 September 2021. 

1.8       I have completed the online booking form and each time it tells me I need to fill in every section. I have done this, but then it removes all my info and makes me start again.

Please fill out your name in capitals in the signature box as written in the first two fields. For example LINDA GROOTEGOED (rather than LG). This should resolve it. If not, please contact us at physiotherapyuk@csp.org.uk

2          About the avatar format

2.1       Why was a virtual world chosen over a webinar platform?

We wanted something more lively and interactive than a webinar, so delegates could truly interact with each other, as well as get CPD from the organised sessions. With this platform, you can meet up with friends and make new connections by joining group chats as you discover them on your travels. It really feels as if you are at a physical ‘live’ event.

2.2       The diversity of the avatar range is limited. What can I do about it?

We are aware of the reasonable desire to add additional choices in body shape and size and cultural attire and that the current customisation of the avatars is limited.  Some adjustments to the range (to include religious dress, hairstyles and clothing) have been made this year and we are in discussion with the developer to make further improvements. Any updates that are made will automatically show in your software.

Statement from the developer:

At Event Farm, we are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We value and embrace the differences within our company and among our community of users. This is a primary driver in the design and development of our platform and avatars. 

We continue to provide greater means for users to customize their avatar to express their personal identity and allow them to thrive in our virtual world. As our technology advances, we are expanding our avatar options to allow more variety in appearance and ability, while reducing barriers related but not limited to race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity, ability/disability, religious affiliation, age, and body type.  For example, our avatar system includes non-gendered hairstyles, jewellery, and accessories, along with a variety of skin colour and hairstyle options to reflect our global audience, including headwear for cultural/religious affiliation. In addition, our user interface is designed to include assistive cues for those with colour vision deficiency. 

We continue to improve our avatar system and user interface to be inclusive and representative of our global user base. Our team is mindful of the design choices we make for our avatars to overcome implicit and unconscious bias, developing with accessibility in mind to continuously improve and provide a satisfying user experience within the virtual world. 

3          Accessing the virtual world

3.1        Can I access it on a work computer?

Minimum system requirements are Windows 7SP1+ or newer or Mac OSX 10.11 or newer.  If you are downloading onto a work laptop, please speak with your IT helpdesk as often firewalls can prevent the platform from downloading.

3.2       I am worried my workplace firewall isn’t going to let me download the software

Firewalls can be an issue, we ask you to contact your IT helpdesk in the first instance for support and we are always happy to provide information to assist your IT helpdesk to make the necessary checks. Your IT helpdesk may find the below welcome pack and troubleshooting guide useful too. If you continue to have problems with downloading you can email us and we can work together to find a solution. 

Welcome pack and troubleshooting guide

3.3      What broadband speed do I need to use the conference software?

For the best service, a 10-20 Mbps download speed is best.  You can use: ​​speedtest.net​​ to check your internet speed and connection.​

3.4       Can I use my phone / iPad / tablet?

Unfortunately, the software is only available on a desktop/laptop and not on mobile devices. Although this may be an issue for some people accessing it - seeing it on a big screen provides much more usability and interactivity which will mean you get the most out of the virtual conference experience.

3.5       Do I need any special equipment?

Yes, you will require a headset or headphones with a microphone. Headsets/headphones allow you to hear nuances in sound and prevents background noise and echoes whilst in the virtual world.

3.6       What if I experience other technical problems?

Most of the technical issues are commonly related to sound/mic problems. You will find troubleshooting tips  included in the welcome pack below.

Welcome pack and troubleshooting guide

3.7       Will the conference be accessible to people with visual and/ or hearing impairments?

Many aspects of the conference have a ‘zoom in’ function to increase the size of text and images to assist people with visual impairments.

  •     When in a talk, hover over the top of the view and click on ‘Screen Zoom’ to change the size of the  screen or change the screen you are viewing.
  •     In the exhibition hall, presentations can be made larger by clicking on the '+' icon in the top right.
  •     The menu view can be made bigger by going to preferences (the cog icon in the top right of the screen).
  •     You can communicate with other delegates by speaking to them, thus reducing the need to use the messaging function.

Many aspects of the conference can be presented visually, to assist people with a hearing impairment.

  •     Some of the recorded content will be presented with subtitles, to ensure people with hearing impairments can read what the speakers are saying.
  •     Unfortunately, we are unable to provide live subtitling for live discussions at this time.
  •     Communication with other speakers can be done via the messaging function instead of speaking to them using a headset and microphone. 

4         Security (including GDPR)

We are aware that some delegates have to fill out a form to get authorisation for their IT department to download the software. For your assistance, please see below some questions that have been asked and the replies. If you have any questions unanswered, please email us

4.1      Is the software technically safe to use?

Virbela is an established company and its software has been installed by clients across the world. However, all computer software is vulnerable to ‘hacks’ from determined hackers, and the Virbela software is no different.

4.2      Does it contravene any regulations such as GDPR?

Virbela has a privacy policy that includes a section dedicated to the rights of EU-based users and has a privacy notice.  The privacy policy and notice have been checked in relation to compliance with UK GDPR.

 4.3     Is there a risk to patient data as it is downloaded to an organisation/NHS network?

 There is no patient data stored on Virbela’s servers.

4.4     What due diligence has been undertaken with regards to this software?

Several suppliers were interviewed and tested before a final choice was made. In negotiating agreements we reviewed their approach to data security.

4.5      What information will the application hold?

Delegates are required to provide their name and email address to download the software. At present the delegate booking (and therefore the payment details) are handled by a separate EU-based provider. A full list of details collected can be found in the Virbela privacy policy.

4.6     What does this mean for the data as it resides in the US, as this means it will be subject to US law rather than UK / EU law?

There is a range of rights, which are applicable only to citizens in the EEA, in the Virbela privacy policy.

5        About the event

5.1       What are the programme times?

  • Friday 5 November 2021: Campus opens at 8.00am, the programme starts at 9.00am and closes at 5.30pm.
  • Saturday 6 November 2021: Campus opens at 8.00am, the programme starts at 9.00am and ends at 5.00pm.

5.2       Will I get to meet speakers?

Unlike a webinar, you may simply see a speaker standing next to you! Just as in the real world, if you see someone you would like to talk to then you are free to walk up to them to talk to them. Normal real-life etiquette applies, so please do check if it is convenient for them to chat.

5.3       There are other delegates that I want to meet up with. How can I do this?

You can search for them by name in the ‘Find users’ section. This will tell you which room they are currently in. Go to that room, click on their name and select ‘Go To’, and your avatar will make its way over to them, wherever they are (tip: hold the ‘Shift’ key whilst walking and you’ll run instead).

5.4       Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes, most of the sessions will be recorded. We are planning to record the keynote sessions, spotlight and focused symposia sessions. Everyone who has purchased a conference ticket will have access for around 30 days to any recorded content once we have made it available via a video-sharing website.  

Please note that some speakers have not provided us with permission to record and therefore not all sessions will be available. We recommend that you try and attend the session you are most interested in ‘in person’. 

Recorded sessions will be shown on the programme closer to the event. 

5.5       Will certificates of attendance be provided?

Yes. Please email us during or after the conference to request a certificate.

Any other questions?

If you have any questions that have not been answered here or in the welcome pack and troubleshooting guide below, please email us and we will do our best to help.

Welcome pack and troubleshooting guide