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Conference and trade exhibition

4-5 November 2022

Physiotherapy UK 2022

We have had to make the difficult decision to cancel the planned Physiotherapy UK conference in 2022.  

We believe the sustained impact from Covid on members’ workload, health and personal circumstances make it untenable to run a large event this November, particularly with the high risk of another rise in pressures this Autumn/Winter.  

Despite the prospect of a more stable situation in Spring 2023, we have chosen not to push the conference back to that point, as many potential participants will already be committed to the World Physiotherapy Congress and other events.  

We will take the opportunity presented by the cancellation to review how best we engage with all members to promote and enable research into practice and to explore how we can maximise participation in CSP events. We have yet to decide the scope or timescale for that work, but we will of course seek the views and experience of CSP members throughout the review.